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Hiking Tips

Hiking is one of the most valuable hobbies anyone can take up. Out of all the forms of exercise that you can try, hiking allows you to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends, and...

@og_ADMIN October 9, 2022

Enjoying Our Favorite Fall Seasonal Foods: Pumpkin and Squash

The fall season is one of the best times of year – the trees change color, the air gets crisper, and we get to enjoy the delicious seasonal foods. That’s right, pumpkins and squashes are...

@og_ADMIN October 2, 2022

Are you being kind to yourself?

In a world of endless comparison and the stress of balancing all aspects of your life, it can be hauntingly easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you aren’t good enough. The truth...

@og_ADMIN September 26, 2022

6 Benefits of Planning Trips Far in Advance

It can seem impossible to make time for a vacation amidst our busy schedules, but if you plan your trips in advance, there are several advantages that make the plan less likely to fall through....

@og_ADMIN September 18, 2022

Benefits of Golf

Golf is one of the most beneficial sports for anyone to partake in but many people feel intimidated to begin if they are unfamiliar with the game. While it takes some practice to develop skills,...

@og_ADMIN September 11, 2022

6 Tips For Eating Healthy On-The-Go

When preparing food can be tedious and time-consuming when balancing a busy schedule, it can be challenging to prioritize eating healthy – especially around back-to-school season. Despite the challenges, with just a little planning, there...

@og_ADMIN September 4, 2022

How To Improve Your Self-Confidence

With the entire world at our fingertips, it can be difficult to grow the self-confidence required to avoid comparing yourself to others. Nevertheless, being confident is a skill that everyone should practice, no matter what...

@og_ADMIN August 28, 2022

How To Use Benchmark Measurements To Track Your Exercise Progress

Exercising is a personal journey. You compete against yourself as you work on your goals and strive to become the best version of yourself. Whether you wish to become faster, stronger, leaner, or more muscular,...

@og_ADMIN August 22, 2022

What Time Should You Eat Dinner To Optimize Your Sleep Schedule?

Planning your sleep schedule is a great strategy to ensure you have a deep, restful sleep, but it can be challenging to get a full 8 hours of rest when you are still feeling the...

@og_ADMIN August 14, 2022

How To Feel Energized In The Morning Without Drinking Coffee

Although many of us have the habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning to help us start the day, intaking excessive amounts of coffee has many side effects on the body that can...

@og_ADMIN August 7, 2022

How To Optimize Your Pre and Post-Workout Meals

Your nutritional choices can significantly impact your energy levels while you exercise. Have you ever noticed that sometimes during a workout you feel incredible and energetic, while other times it is difficult to make it...

@og_ADMIN July 31, 2022

How To Create An Identity That Drives Your Motivation

Our perceived identities can play a significant role in the way we navigate our daily lives. Many times, the main obstacle holding us back from achieving our goals is the mindset that we are unlike...

@og_ADMIN July 24, 2022

How To Beat The Summer Heat While Exercising

Although the summertime is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors, it can be tough to motivate yourself to work out when you break a sweat just by being outside. Regardless of the heat, maintaining...

@og_ADMIN July 18, 2022

Why You Should Host A Summer Barbecue

Summer is the season for hot days spent outside with the people you love and what better way to celebrate the best time of year than with a barbecue? Cooking outside on the barbecue is...

@og_ADMIN July 4, 2022

Tips for adding mini vacations to your life

You are capable of living a life that fulfills you, and sometimes that means prioritizing more time for yourself. There is a large misunderstanding behind the concept of vacations and the requirement that we travel...

@og_ADMIN June 27, 2022

Why Yoga Is One Of The Most Well-Rounded Forms Of Exercise

Yoga is an ancient art form that has become popularized all around the world. Although some people may disregard yoga as a quality form of exercise, this whole-body practice might be one of the most...

@og_ADMIN June 19, 2022



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