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Tips for adding mini vacations to your life

Mini vacations are an excellent way to create fulfillment in your lifestyle by making everyday matter.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


You are capable of living a life that fulfills you, and sometimes that means prioritizing more time for yourself.

There is a large misunderstanding behind the concept of vacations and the requirement that we travel far away for an extended period of time for it to count. Many of us work 9-5 jobs that only offer a few weeks of vacation time a year, but who said we can’t create more space in our schedules for “mini-vacations?”

If you want to live better, now, here is our 3-step guide to adding mini-vacations to your life:

1. Understand why vacations are important

Living within the hustle culture of today’s society, vacations are a well-earned reward for how much we work. Many of us are spending a majority of our time working: usually, we are working at least 40 hours a week, not including the time outside of work that we dedicate to running errands and taking care of our families which limits our social life and free time.

This schedule can vary greatly depending on if you are single, married, have children, or work multiple jobs, but at a certain point, you must prioritize your mental health and allow yourself to rest. Taking vacations allows us to recover, reprioritize, and rejuvenate so that we can return to our work and responsibilities feeling refreshed.

2. Reinvent the meaning of a vacation

The concept of “vacation” doesn’t have to mean total disconnection from your regular lifestyle. Additionally, taking a vacation doesn’t have to be a large ordeal with lots of planning, coordination, and the requirement to drain your savings account.

Take away the stress of planning something elaborate, and instead elect for a simple approach that actually feels like you’re taking a break. As long as you are doing something out of the ordinary and finding joy in the activity, it counts as a vacation.

3. Take a “stay-cation”

Although it is exciting to take a flight across the world and experience new cultures, you can have just as much fun with a “stay-cation” in your area.

  • Some ideas for a local vacation could be:
  • Trying new restaurants with your friends
  • Exploring nearby hiking trails
  • Participating in local tourist activities
  • Traveling to a neighboring town for a day trip or one-night stay

When you vacation close to home, you reduce the stress of planning and save money in the process of creating a memorable experience. Furthermore, when you explore your local area, you can meet new people who have similar hobbies.

Vacations can be a way to let loose and have fun as well as prioritize personal wellness – especially when spending time with like-minded people. If you’re looking for an opportunity to explore a new environment with a focus on holistic health, the Outrun Gravity Align with Intention Retreat in gorgeous Costa Rica is perfect for you.

Stop limiting yourself to one vacation a year when you have the power to create adventures whenever you choose. Mini vacations are an excellent way to create fulfillment in your lifestyle by making everyday matter. Learn more about how you can make your wellness dreams come true with Outrun Gravity.



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