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Benefits of Golf

Golf is a surprisingly great form of exercise that you can practice recreationally.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


Golf is one of the most beneficial sports for anyone to partake in but many people feel intimidated to begin if they are unfamiliar with the game.

While it takes some practice to develop skills, just like anything else in life, it is extremely rewarding to watch your efforts prosper as you continue to improve over time.

If you are looking for a sign to pick up some golf clubs, here are 6 amazing benefits of golf:

1. Golf is becoming a more inclusive sport

It’s no secret that golf used to be an elitist sport that only a select few could enjoy, but thanks to PGA Tour, celebrities, and associations, there is a strong drive to introduce this sport to different communities to include a larger variety of people. Putting money into communities to make golf courses in previously less-accessible areas brings people together and shares the sport for other groups to enjoy.

2. Enjoy spending time in nature

There are endless physical and mental health benefits to spending time outdoors, and golfing is a great opportunity to enjoy nature while practicing your skills. You can get your daily vitamin D, boost your mood, and breathe in the fresh air. Plus – there are some gorgeous golf courses out there that you can explore!

3. Connect with golfers and make new friends

Golfing is an excellent social sport to hang out with your loved ones or even make new friends on the course. With this exciting hobby in common, it is easy to enjoy the company of strangers and get to know one another as you make your way through the course.

4. Golf is a great form of exercise

While it may be peaceful, golf is a surprisingly great form of exercise that you can practice recreationally. Golf requires you to be on your feet and often walk several miles across the course, as well as engage your core and arm muscles.

5. There are budget-friendly ways to approach golf

There are many ways to approach the game of golf that doesn’t involve breaking the bank. You can go to par 3 courses, play later in the day at twilight, use second-hand clubs, or return your old clubs for discounts on new gear.

6. Many good causes are supported by golf

Aside from the personal benefits of playing golf, the golf community gives back in many ways. There are several non-profit organizations and charities dedicated to supporting important causes that often otherwise lack funding.

7. You can play golf on vacation

Golf is a versatile sport that you can play almost anywhere in the world. If you find yourself looking for fun activities to participate in while traveling, checking out a local golf course is an excellent way to meet new people and explore the area.

There are unique travel opportunities for golfers of all experiences to gather together and learn more about the sport they love. This January, Outrun Gravity is hosting its first Golf and Mobility Retreat in gorgeous Costa Rica, where participants will enjoy 4 days of playing golf at 2 stunning courses as well as 2 golf workshops to learn from PGA pro, Joe Lussier!

The opportunity to collaborate with Joe Lussier in this one-of-a-kind golf retreat is especially meaningful for Courtney, the founder of Outrun Gravity, because this PGA professional is his personal golf coach! Inspired by the significant improvement in his brother’s golf skills after working closely with Joe, Courtney was able to experience drastic improvements in his own game to the point where he won first place in his division in several golf competitions.

Courtney’s first-hand experience of working with this certified coach has demonstrated Joe’s ability to guide golfers of all skill levels to elevate their game, so it is an honor to offer this unbeatable coaching opportunity to the motivated individuals who join us on our retreat.

When you play golf, you get to hang out with your friends, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, as well as work on your own personal improvements. What more could you ask for in a sport? Check out Outrun Gravity to learn more benefits of enjoying outdoor sports and how to join us on the golf retreat of a lifetime.



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