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How to be Mindful Without Meditating

Terms like “mindfulness” and “meditation” are constantly circulated around in the field of self-care, but despite the good intentions of wanting to support mental health, meditation can be inaccessible and discouraging for beginners. Nevertheless, we...

@og_ADMIN February 21, 2022

How to stay motivated to exercise regularly

We’ve all heard that exercise is the best medicine and that the best way to encourage health and longevity is to employ regular movement in your lifestyle. Although maintaining an exercise routine is a great...

@og_ADMIN February 14, 2022

Tips to Make Eating Vegetables More Enjoyable

Everyone knows that eating vegetables plays a role in healthy living, but compared to the processed foods we are constantly surrounded by that are loaded with added sugars, the natural flavors of vegetables often struggle...

@og_ADMIN February 7, 2022

How To Work As A Team

Although working as a team can lead to faster and more effective results by allowing more hands and brains to tackle tasks, but without communication and respect, collaboration can become a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless,...

@og_ADMIN January 31, 2022

Mindfulness Will Change Your Life

As society moves forward in the technological evolution, there are new levels of distraction entering our lives every day. Within an external world of chaos, implementing mindfulness practices can be instrumental in helping you find...

@og_ADMIN January 24, 2022

Why Recovery Is So Important

Staying consistent with your habits and striving to achieve your goals is an effective mindset to maintain, however, have you ever considered the consequences of the non-stop grind? Without taking the proper time to recover,...

@og_ADMIN January 17, 2022

Wellness Retreat: An Opportunity to Share Gratitude

Finding happiness and satisfaction during the mundaneness of your everyday life is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. Even so, indulging in a change of scenery every once in a while to reset...

@og_ADMIN January 10, 2022

What It Takes To Have A Healthy Vacation

A vacation is supposed to be a period away from the patterns of everyday life that allows you to return to work feeling refreshed and energized, but despite our best efforts, returning home from vacation...

@og_ADMIN January 3, 2022

Make Your Workout Routine Sustainable

37% of Americans who have never worked out believe they are too unhealthy to even start exercising 31% admit to feeling anxious and overwhelmed when thinking about trying to “get in shape overall” 48% feel...

@og_ADMIN November 22, 2021

Sustainability: From Farm to Plate

Whether its packaged, fresh, or frozen food, it had to have originated somewhere. Thanks to agriculture, we are able to nourish our bodies with a variety of foods and have such a large selection to...

@og_ADMIN August 16, 2021


Membership Benefits

@og_ADMIN July 28, 2021

Move, Rejuvenate & Reset Retreat

It’s a cherished time away from stress and busy schedules. It’s a break from our monotonous, yet chaotic lives. It’s an escape, either by ourselves, or with the entire family. What do you hope to...

@og_ADMIN July 6, 2021

Why I Run

Feeling the pressures to become a successful runner and live up to my brother’s name left me with only one choice: get better. For me and for almost every individual who begins their running journey,...

@og_ADMIN June 7, 2021

Flexitarian Diet

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the terms “diet” or “dieting”. Generally, following a diet means temporarily eating a certain way. The best “diet” I could ever recommend is a lifestyle of eating that makes...

@og_ADMIN April 12, 2021

That Gut Feeling

Our gut microbiome consists of over 100 trillion microorganisms that line our digestive tract beginning in the mouth and ending in the rectum. These include bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. In a healthy individual, all...

@og_ADMIN March 22, 2021

Sleep: The Foundation of Health

Sleep, combined with diet and exercise, is essential to being healthy. Unfortunately, society tends to perceive sleep as unproductive time. Today we face many incentives for sleeping as little as possible. Responding to a work...

@og_ADMIN March 1, 2021



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