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How To Feel Energized In The Morning Without Drinking Coffee

There are many ways you can feel awake and alert without high-caffeine beverages like coffee.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


Although many of us have the habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning to help us start the day, intaking excessive amounts of coffee has many side effects on the body that can drastically reduce our productivity.

Caffeine can cause headaches, dehydration, insomnia, and high blood pressure, and when you drink too much, instead of feeling alert and focused, coffee can make you feel anxious and jittery.

Instead of drinking coffee in the morning to wake up, here are some suggestions to try instead:

Alternative drinks to coffee to drink in the morning

  • Hot Lemon Water

The ritual of drinking a warm beverage may be the hardest thing to let go of when trying to reduce your caffeine intake, so for a similar process that has more health benefits, drinking hot lemon water is a great option. The vitamin C in this soothing beverage helps improve digestion and gives you the zesty flavoring that can wake you right up in the morning.

  • Tea

Tea has lower levels of caffeine than coffee which can be a great alternative for a tasty beverage that will boost your energy in the mornings. There are many types of teas that even have healthful effects on the body, such as green tea and earl grey, so you can personalize your morning beverage based on how you feel that day.

  • Cold-Pressed Juice

The process of making cold-pressed juice involves a high-pressure press squeezing juice from raw fruits and vegetables, preserving the highest number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than normal juices. This refreshing healthy beverage is a great alternative to coffee that you can drink in the morning because you are energized by the natural ingredients. Almost any produce combination will be delicious, but some particular ingredients that are excellent to include in cold-pressed juices are celery, lemon, and green leafy vegetables.

Foods to wake you up in the morning

Instead of drinking a particular caffeinated beverage in the morning to wake up, certain foods can also offer energizing effects. It is best to eat snacks with a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to keep you full without energy burning too fast. Greek yogurt with fruit or an apple with peanut butter is a great option for an energizing breakfast.

Things to do in the morning to wake up

Aside from foods and beverages, there are other ways to wake up in the morning that are perhaps the most effective at making you feel alert and energized, such as taking a cold shower or doing a cold plunge. What better than freezing water first thing in the morning to snap you awake? There are many health benefits to shocking your system with a cold plunge, including increasing your blood flow, supporting the immune system, reducing inflammation, boosting the metabolism, as well as making you feel wide awake.

How to implement new morning habits

Deciding to implement a new morning habit is a great place to start, but in order to effectively establish a routine, it is best to take it slow and utilize systems. Here are some actionable tips to execute your new morning habit as you reduce your caffeine intake:

  • Stack your new habit with a habit you already have in place.
    For example, if you are used to making a sugary coffee at home, make a sugary smoothie at home instead. If you are used to going out to buy a coffee in the morning, buy a fresh-pressed juice instead.
  • Make your habit easy to accomplish.
    Don’t overcomplicate things when starting a new habit. If you want to drink more tea at home instead of coffee, only buy tea so that is what’s available. If you want to buy juice instead of a latte, take a route that avoids your typical coffee shop. By setting yourself up for success, you can change your habits more easily.
  • Don’t be too drastic with your changes.
    Most habits fail when you try to implement too much all at once, so by making simple changes and working towards bigger goals, you will be more likely to remain consistent. Introduce one change at a time so it isn’t overwhelming.

Reducing your coffee intake is attainable for everyone if you make an actionable plan and take things slow. There are many ways you can feel awake and alert without high-caffeine beverages like coffee, and if you try it, you might find your energy levels are higher than ever before. For more tips to optimize your productivity and start your day right, check out Outrun Gravity for more tips!



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