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Tips to Make Eating Vegetables More Enjoyable

The natural flavors of vegetables often struggle to compete for our attention.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


Everyone knows that eating vegetables plays a role in healthy living, but compared to the processed foods we are constantly surrounded by that are loaded with added sugars, the natural flavors of vegetables often struggle to compete for our attention.

Vegetables are comprised of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for energy creation and structural functions throughout the body, so here are some tips to make eating vegetables more enjoyable.

1. Try It Again

Our tastebuds evolve throughout our life, so if there is a vegetable you claim to hate but haven’t tried since you were a kid, why not give it another chance? You might just find that your adult palate has a new favorite nutrient source.

2. Get Used to Less Sugar and Salt

One of the biggest problems with the modern diet is we are so used to eating foods with high levels of sugar and salt that makes natural foods taste bland in comparison. By making a conscious effort to consume less sugar and salt, eventually, your tastebuds will adapt and will gain satisfaction from the natural flavors found in vegetables.

3. Freeze Your Vegetables

Finding new and exciting ways to prepare vegetables is a great way to keep things interesting, so chopping and freezing your vegetables might be a great way to keep healthy foods easily accessible throughout the week.

4. Eat more Soup, Drink more Smoothies

Combining your favorite variations of vegetables into a broth and making a chunky homemade soup is a tasty way to get all of your daily vegetables at once, maybe even taking care of your scraps and leftovers. Similarly, blending smoothies is another method that allows you to get your nutrients because you can secretly add nutrient-dense veggies like spinach and kale that you won’t be able to taste over the delicious fruits.

5. Add Fruits to Your Salads

Salads can be bland and repetitive but adding fruits as a salad topping is a great way to improve the taste and texture of your meal. Additionally, the sweetness of different fruits can create unique flavors that makes eating healthy interesting.

6. Try Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Have you ever noticed that sometimes fruits or vegetables will taste better than other times? Usually, this is because crops have optimal growing conditions that allow for the best growth and development of the plant. Electing to shop for fruits and vegetables that are in season will not only be more affordable due to the abundance of supply, but they will also taste better and will therefore be more enjoyable to eat.

Our bodies depend on the foods we eat to provide the building blocks of our cells, and most of these nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. Developing a love for vegetables might not happen overnight, but if you dedicate yourself to the journey and follow these tips for making healthy eating more fun, over time, you might discover a bundle of favorite foods you never would have expected. If you have any tips to help people integrate more vegetables into their diet, please let us know by reaching out to Outrun Gravity.



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