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Wellness Retreat: An Opportunity to Share Gratitude

Indulging in a change of scenery every once in a while to reset your mind can be an amazing experience.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


Finding happiness and satisfaction during the mundaneness of your everyday life is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. Even so, indulging in a change of scenery every once in a while to reset your mind can be an amazing experience.

In particular, participating in a wellness retreat centered around mindfulness and giving back to the community can bring us a sense of connection and appreciation for the world around us.

You may be wondering, which aspects of a trip away from home distinguishes it as a “wellness retreat,” as opposed to a regular vacation? Here at Outrun Gravity, we value the principles of connecting with the self and gratitude by placing energy towards helping the community. Human happiness is rooted in our connectedness with the world around us, so one of the amazing benefits of embarking on a wellness retreat through Outrun Gravity is the incorporation of giving back to the community. We believe in the importance of expressing gratitude towards others, especially when stepping into new cultures, countries, and communities as a visitor.

Our Wellness Retreats

This upcoming March, the Outrun Gravity team has organized a wellness retreat in Montego Bay, Jamaica, that will center around truly embodying the idea of expressing gratitude to your hosts. Throughout this retreat, our group will sink their hands into the soil in Jamaican farms alongside the local workers there in order to learn the ropes of agriculture and farming from the most authentic source. Other than offering our labor and passion to assist, we will also be providing donations to the Farm Up Jamaica program to aid in sustainable careers for Jamaican youth through farming. During this retreat, our group will have immersed themselves in the Jamaican culture, feeling fulfilled in their heart that their time and efforts have truly made a difference in the community.

Another exciting wellness retreat in the upcoming year will be in Costa Rica in June. During this trip, the Outrun Gravity team will host an OG Games event for the children in the local community to participate in. There will be a variety of games that will be accessible for all to join in on the fun, and we will even provide toys and gifts for the children! Retreat goers will also be offered the opportunity to give donations to the families in that community if they choose to do so.

As you can imagine, there are multiple personal and worldly benefits from participating in a wellness retreat through Outrun Gravity. Not only will you have the pleasure of experiencing a beautiful new location filled with unique culture and customs, but also you can personally make a difference in that community, witnessing first-hand the joy you are able to create.

What are you waiting for? Take the leap and change more than one life by signing up for a wellness retreat with Outrun Gravity



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