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It’s what we look forward to each year. It’s why we work so hard at our jobs…to be able to earn those days off.

Written By

Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


It’s a cherished time away from stress and busy schedules. It’s a break from our monotonous, yet chaotic lives. It’s an escape, either by ourselves, or with the entire family.

What do you hope to accomplish when you take a vacation?

Do you hope to feel rejuvenated, or refreshed? To reset yourself? To spend time completely away from work without having any responsibilities? Do you hope to be fully present with yourself and your loved ones, or maybe even focus on bettering yourself in a mental or spiritual aspect?

Do you find that you’re actually able to accomplish these things? Or are these just things you plan or hope to accomplish on your time off? Far too often we end up returning from a vacation or getaway feeling even worse and more run down than before we left. Binge drinking, excessive eating, lounging around with minimal activity, and even sleep deprivation – all things that do the opposite of rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

Believe it or not, indulging in alcohol and excessive amount of fried foods and foods high in sugar while lounging around and soaking up the sun can actually increase inflammation in the body, leading to things like brain fog, feelings of sluggishness, dehydration, and inadequate sleep.

This isn’t to say that alcohol, fried foods, decadent desserts, lounging poolside, nights out on the town, and treating yourself shouldn’t ever be included on vacation agendas. But I think it’s important to ask yourself, what truly makes you feel rejuvenated?

Here at Outrun Gravity, we hope to evolve the way you approach taking a vacation or simply planning a getaway.

We want to provide you with a getaway experience that gives you a feeling of balance and wholeness in a setting where you can be truly present. A setting where you can maximize your time away from work to reflect on your personal goals and visions and leave with that mental clarity on how to accomplish them.

It can be something as simple as talking and listening to strangers, friends, or family. Having authentic conversations. Putting your phone down. Embracing a new culture. Eating fresh, wholesome foods. Moving your body. Meditating. Gaining new perspectives. Slowing down your mind.

So many of us want to change our job or spend more time with loved ones or pick up a new hobby or volunteer somewhere. But we never take the time to pause and create that mental action plan or even execute the necessary self-talk to be able to accomplish these things. This is your time to separate yourself from your daily routine and treat your body right to allow you to gain the clarity needed to see where you can make an impact in your life!

Outrun Gravity is going to help you find common ground, peace, and presence with yourself and with everything around you so you can leave a vacation feeling truly better, refreshed, and rejuvenated. We are so excited to announce our first ever wellness retreat getaway from September 1st to September 6th 2021! Our hope is that this is the first of many.

At Outrun Gravity we also believe in the power of finding ways to give back to the community. Another aspect of this wellness retreat will be time dedicated towards bettering the surrounding community in Jamaica. Giving time and a helping hand to those around us helps build strong, healthy communities and the simple act of generosity, especially in different cultures and settings, can give us entirely new perspectives. The gesture of giving has the power to make us more present and aware of where we are, which can help us clearly identify where we are going.

This is the perfect opportunity to better yourself by spending time with our Outrun Gravity team and allowing us to help you reset!

You can register HERE today to get started and book your spot!




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