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How To Be Grateful

In the age of social media, making time for gratitude is more important than ever. Once upon a time, before we had access to the highlight reels of humans from all over the world, it...

@og_ADMIN April 25, 2022

How Journaling can Improve your Life

Whether you’re a student, businessman, athlete, writer, or artist, everyone can benefit from keeping a journal. And no, this doesn’t mean you must keep a notebook on you at all times and begin each entry...

@og_ADMIN March 27, 2022

How to get a better night’s sleep

Your quality of sleep affects so much more than your immediate morning – it will also impact your energy and focus throughout the next day. If you’re looking to optimize your performance in life, here...

@og_ADMIN February 28, 2022

How to be Mindful Without Meditating

Terms like “mindfulness” and “meditation” are constantly circulated around in the field of self-care, but despite the good intentions of wanting to support mental health, meditation can be inaccessible and discouraging for beginners. Nevertheless, we...

@og_ADMIN February 21, 2022

How To Work As A Team

Although working as a team can lead to faster and more effective results by allowing more hands and brains to tackle tasks, but without communication and respect, collaboration can become a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless,...

@og_ADMIN January 31, 2022

Why Recovery Is So Important

Staying consistent with your habits and striving to achieve your goals is an effective mindset to maintain, however, have you ever considered the consequences of the non-stop grind? Without taking the proper time to recover,...

@og_ADMIN January 17, 2022



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