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How To Be Grateful

The more time you spend focusing on what you’re grateful for, the happier you will become.

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Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


In the age of social media, making time for gratitude is more important than ever.

Once upon a time, before we had access to the highlight reels of humans from all over the world, it was much easier to be satisfied by our surroundings. Each of our accomplishments and proud moments weren’t to be compared with strangers who were raised in completely different circumstances to our own.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and when we spend too much time on social media, we become numb to the beauty of normalcy. This overwhelming exposure to everyone else’s lives causes humans to fall into the trap of constantly seeking more and more, but this detrimental process can be interrupted if you take control of your mindset and focus instead on gratitude.

Here are some actionable tips so that you can implement gratitude into your life:

– Make a gratitude list every morning

The way you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so this is the perfect time to establish healthy habits such as writing a gratitude list. This task is as simple as it sounds! At the top of a page, you can write “I am so grateful for…” and from there the opportunities are endless. There are no limits to what you can include in this list. Some examples could be luxurious, such as your new car, extravagant vacation, or a new video game. It should also be simple, such as acknowledging your family, friends, pets, shelter, clean water, nourishing food, or a warm bed. By taking a few minutes in the morning to write a list of gratitude, you will begin your day with a positive mindset that will carry you throughout the rest of your day.

– Express your appreciation for the people around you

Scientifically speaking, this step is selfish because that altruistic response we feel when showing kindness toward others is beneficial for us. Nevertheless, spreading love and joy for all people by telling them how you feel about them will improve the mood and liveliness of everyone. There is no need to feel sheepish about being vulnerable when expressing gratitude for others. Send that “I miss you” text, or call someone and tell them that you’re thinking about them. Your relationships will improve, and you will feel happier because of it!

– Pray or meditate

The positive attributes of gratitude can be just as effective when expressed internally as when we speak it out loud or write it down. Our minds are extremely powerful: if we spend copious amounts of time thinking about something, we convince ourselves that it is true – this is why negative self-talk can be so damaging, and why gratitude can be so powerful! By focusing on these thoughts of appreciation, your body will naturally align with that positive energy and you will feel amazing because of it.

If you are striving for a healthier lifestyle, implementing a daily gratitude routine will build the framework for the rest of the pieces to fall into place. The more time you spend focusing on what you’re grateful for, the happier you will become. Feelings of gratitude are available to everyone, everywhere, at all times, so start today and see how much your life can change!

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