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How To Be Successful in Making Shifts And Changes In Your Life

You are capable of creating the life of your dreams.

Written By

Courtney Cornwall, Outrun Gravity


If you want to instill positive changes in your life, it takes more than a mere desire to make those goals last.

Nevertheless, you are capable of creating the life of your dreams – all it takes is strategy and dedication.

Make Time for Preparation

No matter how motivated you feel, instilling a habit that sticks is only possible if you prioritize preparation. Creating systems in advance that support the execution of your desired habits will set you up for success. Here’s an example of how to prepare to exercise without excuses:

  • Make sure your laundry is done
  • Set out your favorite workout clothes and athletic shoes the night before
  • Curate the perfect workout playlist
  • Charge your wireless headphones
  • Clean your water bottle so you can stay hydrated
  • Purchase a high-quality water filter so you can drink fresh, alkaline water

Avoid Excuses

Even the most disciplined individuals feel the temptation of excuses before attempting a difficult task, whether that is getting out of bed, completing household chores, or hitting a solid workout. By establishing the mindset that your desired habit is locked on your schedule, without looking for excuses to avoid the habit, you are more likely to succeed in changing your life.

Focus On More Than Habits

Expanding your focus from the habit you aim to implement to also include the triggers for your habits will help you establish systems to succeed in achieving your goals. Here are some examples of utilizing your triggers to help you establish healthy eating routines:

  • Going grocery shopping when you aren’t currently hungry
  • Purchasing healthy foods from the grocery store
  • Preparing healthy, easy-access snacks and meals in advance

Set yourself up for success by creating triggers for the habits you want to implement in your regular routine. For more tips about creating your dream lifestyle, check out our Outrun Gravity blog or request a consultation for our coaching services.



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